What Next?: After you become a Christian (Born Again) by Emmanuel Etim


In What Next? Emmanuel Etim brings you the evidence that the Christian is made perfect from the moment you become born again and the experience of perfection, daily, is our good fight of faith. Being perfect and reaching full maturity in the stature of Christ is not a Hoax or false hope. For this very purpose, the Holy Spirit came and anointed Ministers of the gospel, whose primary assignment is to labor in love that Gods people be established in this and all of the Will of God. He also expounds on: What it means to be a Christian. Why, God needed us to be born again, after all? Why Jesus left us on earth physically and sent us the person of the Holy Spirit? What we must do now and our responsibility to the world and planet earth as Christians. You will also learn about why the Church has many denominations and where the identity protestant originated from – for there are no two types of Christian, anyway. There is also a sharp denounce in the book about the concept of progressive Christianity and the heretic gospel which suggests, it is possible to be born again and not believe in the bodily resurrection of Jesus the Christ. Ultimately the book seeks to establish all Christians in the faith for a journey of growth towards maturity as possible in this lifetime and not in heaven and such as is in the stature of Christ a perfect Christian – one who is walking in the fullness of the power of God, upon, within and around them, Amen.

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Publisher : AEEM Publishing (July 5, 2018)

Language : English

Paperback : 59 pages

ISBN-10 : 0999724118

ISBN-13 : 978-0999724118

Item Weight : 2.56 ounces

Dimensions : 5 x 0.15 x 8 inches


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