Continental Rewards

As a continental reward member, you will experience shopping with customer service at its finest.

The more you shop here on our platform, the faster you earn sufficient points to redeem for a shopping voucher or gift card and advance to the next level.

Continental Blue

Sign up now and enjoy exclusive Continental Blue benefits:

5% discount (on your first 3 purchases)

✓ Free shipping (on your first 5 purchases)

An AfrizoneMart souvenir

Continental Gold

Shop with 50k and more during the year, and earn Continental Gold status with the following benefits;

Birthday souvenirs,

Anniversary packages

Plus all Continental Blue benefits.

Continental VIP

Shop with 100k and more during the year and enjoy Continental VIP status with benefits like;

Dinner for two,

✓ Plus all Continental Blue and Gold incentives.

Continental Ambassador

Shop with 500k and more during the year, and enjoy Continental Ambassador status with benefits like;

Goat or Turkey or Ram

Plus all Continental Blue, Gold and VIP benefits.

Continental Dorimé

Shop with 1Million and more during the year, and enjoy Continental Do-ri-mé status with benefits like;

A live cow

Plus all other continental  level reward incentives.