How To Sell To Nigerians by Akin Alabi


*Author, how to sell to Nigerians*

Akin Alabi is an expert at creating and turning small businesses into profitable ventures. He pioneered the multi-billion Naira online sports betting industry in Nigeria with He is passionate about sharing business knowledge and information.

He is the author of the best-selling book, Small Business Big Money and he is also owner and host of Youth Enterprise Conference, the biggest youth empowerment event in Africa. He lives in Ibadan, Lagos, Abuja (Nigeria), and Protaras (Cyprus).

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*How to sell to Nigerians*

If You Are Serious About Making Money In Nigeria And From Nigerians, You Should Read This Book Today! In this book, you will discover the following business and life-changing secrets.
■ How to make Nigerians want your products and services
■ The kinds of products and services Nigerians like to spend money on
■ How to easily make Nigerians like you and what you are selling
■ Why Nigerians are different from the rest of the world and how to deal with us
■ Why most Nigerian customers are rude and how to “handle” them
■ The secrets of using stories to sell
■ How to write powerful sales letters to convert Nigerians into paying you money
■ The right way to use influencers to promote your business without overpayingAnd more. Get yourself a cold drink, get a pen and a jotter, then sit down to read this book, today.



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