My sister the serial killer


*My sister, the serial killer*

“You know, Femi makes three. If you have three, they declare you a serial killer.

Korede is resentful. Why wouldn’t she be? Ayoola, her sister, is a lot of things: the favored child, the most attractive, and perhaps psychotic. And now Ayoola’s third consecutive dead boyfriend.
The practicality of Korede is the sisters’ savior. She prevents Ayoola from sharing photos of her meal on Instagram when she ought to be lamenting her “missing” partner since she is aware of the finest methods for cleaning blood and her car’s trunk is large enough to fit a body. She doesn’t get any credit, though.

At the hospital where she works, Korede has been in love with a nice, charming doctor for a long time. She imagines the day when he will understand how much he needs her. However, when he requests Korede give him Ayoola’s phone number, she is forced to consider the kind of person her sister has become and the lengths she will go to keep her safe.

Oyinkan Braithwaite’s wonderfully deadly debut is as funny as it is frightful, sharp as nails, and packed with deadpan wit.

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*about the author*

Oyinkan Braithwaite is a Kingston University graduate with degrees in law and creative writing. After receiving her degree, she worked at Kachifo as an assistant editor before becoming freelance as a writer and editor. She has self-published writing in addition to having short pieces published in anthologies.

She was named one of the top 10 spoken word performers in the 2014 Eko Poetry Slam shortlist.

She was a finalist for the Commonwealth Short Story Prize in 2016.


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