Climax Herbal Energy Drink 33cl x 24


Its unique taste is a delicious contrast of smooth sparkling refreshment and a strong yet sweet experience. Taurine and caffeine complete the flavour for an energy boost that will keep you going for hours

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Products description: Climax energy drink is specially formulated with herb extracts (Schizandra, Guarana and Ginseng) to stimulate your body and mind. Climax is the go-to herbal power energy drink that gives your body the better energy it needs to push beyond your limit.

Ingredients: Carbonated water, sugar, food acid (citric acid), taurine (400mg/100ml), herb extracts (Schisandra, guarana, ginseng), acidity regulator (E331), fruit-mix flavor, coloring agent (caramel), caffeine (32mg/100ml), Vitamin B2.


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