33 Export Lager 50cl


“33” Export is the lager for enriched fun moments. “33” Export is a well-balanced accessible beer that keeps the laughs and great times going. Packaged in classy and stylish pack formats of bottles and cans, “33” Export completes the fun in every beer occasion.

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Products description: In 1979, 33 Export Lager, a premium lager beer, was introduced to the Nigerian market. It is currently available in 5% alcohol 60cl bottles and 33cl cans, and is known for providing more for your money. A man with a generous, accessible, and fun-loving nature will find satisfaction, restoration, and reward in drinking 33 export after a long day of work, whether it is earning a living or enjoying leisure. The carefully chosen components, such as sorghum, malted barley, hops, and sucrose, flow into a well-balanced beverage that is enjoyed all across the country as part of the 33 export quality story.


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