Goldberg Lager 50cl


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Product Description
Goldberg is a premium quality lager beer, that is Brewed to Golden Standard by the Master Brewers – Nigerian Breweries Plc. It is a high quality lager beer made from only the finest ingredients; with its elegant and attractive looking label, rich foam head, distinctive flavour and mature taste that leaves no one in doubt as to its exceptional quality and high quality lager beer.

Acquired in 2011, and underwent an extensive reformulation and repackaging process resulting in the rich quality, smooth-tasting recipe and colourful metallic-labelled bottle. It was relaunched in 2012.

Goldberg comes in a 60cl bottle and 50cl can SKUs.

A befitting Beer that truly believes in, and celebrates the values and culture of the Befitting Man.

Nutritional Information per 100ml
Total Carbohydrates (g/100ml)
Total sugars (g/100ml)
Protein (g/100ml)
Fat (g/100ml)
Salts (mg/100ml)
Energy (Kcal /100ml)
Energy (KJ /100ml)


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