Gulder Lager 44cl x 24


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Product Description
When poured in a cup, Gulder Lager Beer forms a white foamy head and has a gentle hoppy aroma. A simply irresistible beer, Gulder is a smooth, creamy, and drinkable beer with flavours of hops, rice, hay, malts, and honey. The beer has a creamy texture and the bottle is attractive.

Nutritional information
Water, Malted Barley, Hops, Hop Extract.
Total Carbohydrates (g/100ml) 3.1.
Total sugars (g/100ml) 0.0.
Protein (g/100ml) 0.40.
Fat (g/100ml) < 0.1.
Salts (mg/100ml) < 0.01.
Energy (Kcal /100ml) …
Energy (KJ /100ml) 175.

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