Bigi Apple 60cl x 12 ( Pack)


This is exactly what the Bigi apple drink seeks to emulate with it’s intense frizziness. Also it can be drunk alone to quench thirst and to leave you feeling refreshed. On a hot sunny afternoon, when the sun is burning bright and the heat crawls on your sweaty skin.

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Ingredients: Preservative Potassium Sorbate (E202)Antioxidant Alpha-tocopherol (E307), Stabiliser Gum Arabic (E414), Stabiliser Extracted Tamarind juice concentrate, CONTAINS SO2), flavouring, Ammonia caramel (E150d; Acid (E330), Colour Sulphite Invert sugar syrup, Acidifier citric Carbonated water.

Nutritional information:
Carbohydrates – 12g
Fats – 0.5g
Protein – 0.5g


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