Golden Penny Prime Flour 50kg


Bake the perfect bread with this premium quality bread flour, fortified with vitamins and zinc to give each loaf a nutritious edge with every bite. It’s no wonder consumers crowned it the No. 1 Bread Flour brand in Nigeria.

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  • Nutritional information: (mg/kg)
    Zinc – 50
    Vitamin B3 – 45
    Iron – 40
    Vitamin B1 – 6
    Vitamin B6 – 6
    Vitamin B2 – 5
    Vitamin B9 – 2.6
    Vitamin A – 2
    Vitamin B12 – 0.02

Great Source of Energy
Enriched with Zinc
Enriched with Vitamins A & B
Premium quality
High yield
Oven spring.



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