Ladoyin Foods Elubo Isu (Yam Flour) 2kg


ladoyin Yam flour is made out of Yam that has been peeled, sliced, cleaned, dried, and hygienically blended into flour. Yam is very rich in amino acids like Threonine and Phenylalanine. It also contain other nutrients like water, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, carbohydrate and vitamin B complex.

Yam flour is popularly known as Elubo Isu and when cooked it is called Amala. It is a popular delicacy among Yoruba people of South West Nigeria and can go with a variety of soup from Ogbono, ila, ewedu , efo riro and more.

At Navid Foods, we carefully selected whole tubers of Yam, washed them thoroughly, peeled, sliced , parboiled, dried, milled and finally package the final products to this beautiful Navid elubo isu, just for your eating pleasure. We always ensure the whole process is done in very hygienic environment where particles can not be introduced into the flour. Our product is 100% natural.
Key Features
100% natural
Easy to prepare
No additive
No preservative
100% yam
What’s in the box
Bagged yam flour

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