Nestle Cerelac Maize Care 3 Tin NG 400g


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Cerelac Infant Cereal with Milk helps your baby to transit easily from milk to solids when weaning starts after 6 months.

The cereals are smooth and gentle on your baby’s digestive system.

Key Features

  • Iron: helps to create hemoglobin in red blood cells which carry oxygen to all parts of the body for vital growth.
  • Zinc: Important growth and development
  • Vitamin A: essential for the functioning of the eyes
  • Vitamin C: helps your baby’s body to absorb iron from food.
  • DHA: An important building block for the brain and eye development for children
  • CHE: An exclusive technology is known as Cereals Hydrolyzed Enzymatically by Cerelac which breaks down carbohydrates like rice or wheat into smaller components for easy digestion.


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