We naturals High porosity range


It is a protein based range specially formulated for those with extremely weak ,brittle and highly porous hair.

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The High Porosity Range consists of the following:

1. Pre-poo Treatment

2. Protein Black Shampoo

3. Restoration Conditioner

4. Leave In Conditioner

5. Waxy Butter

6. Monthly Treatment

This range is specially formulated  with hydrolysed protein to help with deep penetration of hair follicles,strengthen brittle hair,prevent split ends and  breakages,while leaving the hair well nourished.

This range  contains ingredients that helps to restore damaged hair cuticles,nourishes damaged hair,moisturizes  the hair leaving it manageable, while strengthening the hair strands.

Fatty Acids which tends to greatly improve the hair condition and contributes to keratin formation, thus making the hair healthier and stronger. It moisturizes the scalp and hair ,stimulating hair growth and strengthens the hair preventing breakages.

This range is best suited for :

*Hair that lacks elasticity

*Brittle,frizz and extremely dry hair

*Dyed hair

*Permed hair

*Heat damaged hair



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