Milk Chinchin – Milky waves – Custard Size – 4kg (Paint Bucket Size)


Chin-Chin serves as an energy booster, it is also a source of vitamins like A, B3, and D

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All-purpose or refined flour is one and the core ingredients of chin chin. Flour is an excellent source of carbohydrates, fats, fiber, and other nutrients required by the body.

A serving size of ~ 90 g of chin chin provides-
• A total of 541.7 calories, with 211 calories coming from fat.
• Total fat content of 23.4 g, saturated fat 7.9 g.
• Cholesterol content is 83.2 mg.
• Sodium content is 830 mg.
• Total carbohydrate content of 74.5 g with 1.7 g dietary fibre and 26.8 g of sugars.
• Protein content is 8.4 g.
• Estimated percentage of calories from fat is 30.3 %, from carbohydrates is 61.9 % and from protein is 7.9%.


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