This is the supplier onboarding and management process for new suppliers and vendors in the Supplier Management Portal (SMP).


To register to be an Afrizonemart.com supplier, you have been invited by one of our Regional Managers for Sourcing and General Merchandise or you have used the ‘Become a Supplier’ button on the website.

New Suppliers

Your application to be a New Supplier onboarding process will require the following three steps to be completed:


1.     Registration – This is where you gain access to the SMP and provide Afrizonemart.com the      

                          required information and documentation


2.     Certification – This is where we assess your product to ensure it meets applicable standards,

                           government regulations, price offer to Afrizonemart is the best deal which   

                           enables us give to our customers lower prices found only at   

                           Afrizonemart.com (Online and Stores)


3.     Acceptance – This is where you accept the Afrizonemart Supplier Agreement

Existing Suppliers


If you are an exisiting Supplier (who already has the Afrizonemart.com 7-digit supplier identifier number) then you are not required to complete the registration and Certification Onboarding process inorder to add new product or brand, except at the request of Afrizonemart for the purpose of additional missing information in your profile.

Before you Begin: If your products are not manufactured in Africa (Not including for Assembly), even if the products are owned by persons who hold citizenship of an African Nation-State, – to be sold on Afrizonemart.com- it must be an exceptional value-added in cases of Trade Related Intellectual Property Flexibilities for technology sharing, emergencies, epidemics/pandemics, disaster control and responses or similar circumstances.